18 February 2007

H-RACER - Hydrogen fueled miniature car

Recently named as one of TIME magazines best inventions of 2006, the H-RACER is the world’s smallest hydrogen car at 16cm x 7cm and comes with its very own solar-powered hydrogen refueling station.
It was developed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies who's goal is “to greatly accelerate the global commercialization of clean, hydrogen fuel cell power.” The H-Racer is a great opportunity to easily see the advantages of Hydrogen Fuel in action. It is non-toxic, renewable, clean to use, and comes from the most abundant element in the world - water. The hydrogen "fuel" is created through a mini solar powered Hydrogen fuel station that comes with the car. A zero emission vehicle, the H-Racer is a working miniature version of the same technology being developed in life-size cars, and the best part of all that, no batteries required. Available from ecoshop in Australia.