03 March 2007

Designers with a future

Monument Magazine recently announced its Top 40 Graduates of 2006. The graduates were selected across a range of disciplines from industrial design to jewellery, furniture to fashion. We have listed below a couple of the designers and their products that stood to us.


Aimed at rural Africa, Mvura is a household water purifier. The purification technique used is pasteurisation. The 15 litre capacity is left in the sun and heated to 65deg C, and within 2 hours all of the harmful bacteria is killed.

Designed to be carried on the head, once opened into the pasteurization position a large surface area of water is exposed to solar heat. This combined with the small depth, black bottom and insulating panels all aid in maximising heat absorption. To assist in determining when the water has reached 65 degC, soybean wax melts indicating that the water is pure enough to drink.

Mvura is designed to be quickly and easily repaired at a local level allowing the owners of the filter to have greater control over their water supply.


An Industrial Design graduate from UTS in Sydney, Alexandra has come up with a dishwasher that uses steam for cleaning and sterilisation, thus eliminating the need for washing detergent. The water supply is continually purified and reused through the use of a reservoir and nanofiltration system. Alexandra has also been named as one of the 12 finalists in the 2006 Dyson Student Awards, at the Australian Design Awards. Currently undertaking a Masters Degree at UTS to develop a prototype, Alexandra is working towards making this the dishwasher of the future.