05 April 2007

Earth hour success - the emerald city does care

Saturday night 31 March has come and gone, and by all accounts, Earth Hour was a resounding success. For the one hour that lights were dimmed, Sydney's CBD energy consumption reduced by a massive 10%, a reduction of 24.86 tonnes of carbon dioxide or the equivalent of taking 48,613 cars off the road for an hour. It is estimated that around 2 million people, half the population, took part by either switching off lights, turning off computers, televisions and other household appliances.

The before and during shots above say it all. Stars and constellations that haven't been seen for decades came out to play.

The mass action has been such a success both and home and internationally that it looks like becoming an annual event in both Sydney and many International cities.

Earth hour was just the start of a campaign that aims to reduce Sydney's greenhouse gas emissions by 5% in 2007.