15 April 2007

Paint on insulation

Solacoat is a water based acrylic paint product, manufactured by Coolshield International in Queensland, which has a special membrane additive that rejects the infra red rays from the sun.

Solacoat will, on a typical summers day, give up to 90% rejection of solar radiation. Coolshields tests have shown that the surface temperature of galvanised iron can be reduced by over 40°C resulting in a drop of up to 20°C within a building.

Coolshield claims that for a house roof of 150 square metres, Solacoat reduces the heat absorption of a green colourbond roof from 39 kilowatts to under 4 kilowatts. This can result in a saving of around $450 by reduced air cooling costs during summer, or the preferable option being, that air conditioning is not required at all.

Solacoat is as easy to apply as painting your roof with three coats of acrylic paint.

Coolshield claims the environmental advantages of Solacoat include that it is non toxic and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing air conditioning use age.