10 April 2007

Terra Plana green shoes

Terra Plana is a UK based designer and manufacturer of quite possibly the greenest most sustainable shoes in the world. Their focus is on constructing shoes with an efficient use of natural materials, while minimizing toxins and glues. The green credentials of the shoes include leather being vegetable tanned, soles can be either 90% natural latex rubber or from recycled materials, footbeds are 100% recycled foam and the shoes boxes are recycled cardboard.

On top of this, their shoes are seriously cool urban footwear.

A side business for Terra Plana is Worn Again, a joint business with Anti Apathy, who's name says it all. Worn again shoes take the green and sustainable message even further. Their shoes are essentially 99% recycled made from just about any material you can recycle including charity store coats, ex-military parachutes, prison blankets, car seat scrap leather, old towels and recycled rubber, turning what would otherwise end up in landfill into some funky looking footwear.