02 May 2007

Biolytix wastewater treatment system

The Biolytix wastewater treatment system is one of those products that could revolutionise the way that black water is treated in areas without connection to the sewer.

The system is an organic wet soil ecosystem in a tank which is home to worms, beetles and billions of microscopic organisms. It recycles sewage and waste water into clean irrigation water for your garden including all food scraps (with an in sink grinder) and non-plastic sanitary items.

All water and sewage from your house is fed into the Biolytix filter-bed using standard plumbing. The solids are broken down at this top filter layer and the remaining waste water is then cleansed as it passes through three filter layers, and after about 30 minutes, it's clean and ready to water your garden.

This is truly a fantastic product that is years ahead of the inefficient, messy and smelly septic systems that are generally used. It is smaller than an equivalent septic tank system and more cost effective.