30 May 2007

Low energy use lighting

In the quest to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions one of the simplest and easiest solutions is to replace your current high energy use incandescent or halogen fittings with fluorescent fittings.

Not only is this something that can be done in new construction, but it can be very easily retro fitted into existing houses. New housing only makes up around 5% of houses, so it is critical that the existing stock of housing contributes its fair share to reducing carbon emissions.

Megaman produce a range of fluorescent fittings which are generally a match for most of the incandescent and halogen fittings on the market. The pluses are obvious, the fluorescent fittings only utilise 11 watts of energy to produce the same amount of light that the other fittings require 50-60 watts to create, as well as having an average life up to 8 times longer.

And coming over the horizon is LED light fittings which promise to utilise half of the energy that a fluorescent uses for the same light.

Megaman available in Australia from Cosmoluce

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