27 May 2007

Recycled blue jeans as insulation

Recycled blue jeans are becoming a much talked about insulation product in the US. Bonded Logic manufactures a product called UltraTouch which is manufactured from 85% recycled jeans.

The product brings both advantages for the environment as well as for human health. UltraTouch DOES NOT ITCH and is very easy to handle and work with. UltraTouch contains no chemical irritants and requires no warning labels compared to other traditional products. There are no VOC concerns when using UltraTouch, as it is safe for you and the environment.

The insulation is available as batts in a range of sizes and R values.


Greenfoot said...

Hi there, great concept. I checked their website but cannot find anything specifying that they use recycled denim jeans? Can you please point me in the right direction.

Darryn Parkinson & Sharon Hamilton said...

In the FAQs section they talk about the materials used:

Max said...

here's another company who makes this also: http://insulcot.com/