26 June 2007

Building thermal mass into lightweight buildings

Energain is a new product from
DuPont that introduces a new concept in thermal mass to lightweight buildings built from framed timber, steel or aluminium construction.

DuPont Energain is an aluminium-laminated panel, containing a co-polymer and paraffin wax compound. Installed on the interior walls and ceilings of a building, behind the plasterboard lining, together with a mechanical ventilation system, the Energain thermal mass panels absorb and release heat, as a result of temperature fluctuations, which cause the compound to react, bringing about a 'phase change' at molecular level.

Energain significantly slows down temperature increases within a room, reducing temperature peaks by as much as 7°C, providing greater comfort levels and lessening the need for air conditioning. Conversely, as temperatures drop, the absorbed heat in the panels is released, warming rooms and lessening the need to use heating systems.

They have a great video online that demonstrates clearly how the product works and its benefits.

I don't think it is available in Australia yet, but lets hope so soon.

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