30 June 2007

Clapham London meets Villa Mairea

The Tree House in Clapham London (above) is one of the most sustainable houses recently completed in London. Inspired by Alvar Aalto's Villa Mairea (below), the house takes the tree which occupies the site as an integral part of the design and works in sympathy with it. Conceived and owned by Will Anderson and designed by Constructive Individuals, the project has been a true labour of love.

The green credentials for the house include compressed newspaper insulation, the stairway supports are tree trunks, and the floors, window frames and cladding are make use of reclaimed timber.

The energy efficiency of the house is such that the house uses one seventh of an average house's energy and generates all its power on site. Heat is created through a ground source heat pump, electricity and hot water from the solar panels on the roof, and to date Will has not received a utility bill.

The project has been of such interest in the UK that it featured in a Guardian Newspaper video on the house of the future.

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