03 June 2007

GREX report

We visited GREX over the weekend and came across a few good exhibits:

Solarventi is a solar powered fan and ventilation system. The unit is designed to provide fresh air changes in your house, preventing the build up of moisture, humidity, fumes or toxins. The Solarventi also has the added effect of circulating warm air and reducing your heating bills

The Bunbury ecoHome
is a Western Australian project put together by the South West Regional College of TAFE in collaboration with the local building industry and State Government agencies to change the culture of the building industry so that sustainability became a higher priority The project was to design, construct and monitor a sustainable 'live-in-model' house that demonstrates ecologically sustainable design and high energy efficiency standards, in the affordable entry level housing market.

The every drop shower saver is a shower control device that is easily retro fitted to any shower head. The shower saver is a paddle on/off lever which enables you to easily turn the water of quickly whilst having a shower, encouraging water to be saved whilst soaping, shampooing or shaving.

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