20 June 2007

Helping you choose green energy...

For anyone who has looked into it, deciding to switch to a green electricity supplier is a mire of complex and difficult choices. Accredited or not accredited, solar or wind or hydro or a combination, 10% through to 100% green power, these are just some of the options that will present themselves to you. Where do you start?

Green Electricity Watch was established in 2002 by Australian environment groups to help consumers choose those products that made the most difference to Australia's and their own greenhouse gas emissions.

Their website is a fantastic resource with easy to read and understand information to help people make informed choices. They recently released their 2006 Green Electricity Watch report which has surveyed the 44 green energy products currently on offer in Australia. This is must read for anyone contemplating changing over to green electricity.

We recently switched both our office and home over to Origin Energy's 100% accredited wind green energy. We found their report invaluable in helping us make the right decision.

Our tip is, always look out for the Green Power logo, this is your guarantee that what you are buying is actually green power.

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