17 June 2007

The sycamore ceiling fan

The Sycamore fan was developed in Australia by indust
rial designers Danny Gasser and Michael Hort.
It took Danny and Michael over a year to achieve their aim of making a beautiful, quiet, efficient fan blade which matched the airflow of conventional fans, while operating at lower speed.

The aerofoil profile of the fan blade, above left, has been designed to operate at a low speed of 70-130rpm, whilst delivering the same airflow as a conventional flat blade, above right, which operates at around 140-200rpm.

Operating at lower speeds not only makes the fan quieter and more comfortable to have on, but it will also consume less energy.

Get it from Beacon Lighting for around $700.


Sydnie Stilwell said...

What an excellent design!! Thanks for sharing!!

James Packer said...

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Mike Fredricks said...

So very excellent design..lol Thanks you..

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