02 June 2007

This election is becoming all about your shade of 'green'...

For those who believe in renewable energy, the upcoming Federal election promises to make many of them a winner. Both political parties seem to be falling all over themselves to try and give the best 'green' message to people. First the Labour Party promised $10,000 interest free loans for PV installations in peoples homes, then to counter, the Liberals increased the current rebate up to $8,000. Now the Labour party has got the jump on the Liberals again, promising $50 million to upgrade the CSIRO's solar research centre (solar tower image above) and $50 million to further develop geo thermal energy.

And in the background the emissions trading debate continues.

The prospect of an election in the next 6 months has got all our polititions trying to out green the other. If this is what it takes for change, then I think four years is too long between elections!

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