01 July 2007

The ZEDfactory

Bill Dunster Architects is the ZEDfactory. They have been around since the late 1990's specialising in Zero fossil Energy Developments (hence the ZED in ZEDfactory). We have had an interest in their work since they first really came to everyones attention in 2002 when they completed the highly acclaimed BedZED (above) for the Peabody Housing trust in Surrey UK. At the time it was the UK's largest carbon neutral eco community.

Their recently completed Jubilee Wharf project in Cornwall (above and below) is another fine example of a carbon neutral eco community containing homes, workshops, bar/cafe, offices and a nursery.

The project features a wood pellet boiler and 4 wind turbines. The wind turbines will generate most of the expected electrical demand, whilst all the space heating and hot water will be met by solar thermal and the wood pellet boiler. The project also used local, reclaimed or recycled materials wherever possible.
The business plan for the ZEDfactory also extends beyond design services and includes ZEDprojects, sustainable property development, and ZEDfabric, a supply chain management system designed to procure products and components for the sustainable building industry that aren't readily available or cost effective at this stage.


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