19 August 2007

Euopean passive houses

There is a real drive in Europe to create what they are calling passive houses. A passive house can be defined as a house that:
  • reduces heat losses through improved insulation;
  • reduces heat losses by improved air sealing of the building;
  • has improved air quality due to ventilation systems with highly efficient heat recovery;
  • uses passive energy
  • has a low energy demand through using efficient appliances.

The aim is to create a house that is able to guarantee a comfortable indoor environment without needing a conventional heating system. The building is no longer heated actively and is then called a 'passive house'.

The people behind the initiative are using the term 'passive house' to refer to construction standards that goes further than what would be classified as low-energy house.

They have an event on in September in Brussels Belgium that seeks to expand upon knowledge of passive houses as well as an interactive presentation outlining the broader issues of passive houses.

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