21 August 2007

Quiet revolution wind turbine

Generating wind power in an urban or built up environment has always been a problem due to the noise created by the traditional 'propeller' like wind turbines and the variability of wind direction and speed. Quiet Revolution in the UK seems to have come up with the solution with their qr range of helical wind turbines.

The qr5, for 5m, is the first model in their range which will ultimately include a 2.5m and a monster 12m turbine. The qr5 is claimed to produce 10,000Kwh per year in a good wind site, this is enough to power 5 low energy houses. They anticipate that the qr2.5 will generate 2.5Kw and the qr12 will generate 30kw.

The qr5 is only available in the UK, but Quiet Revolution are planning to export them in 2008. The qr5 will be available in 2008 and the qr12 made to order.

Currently priced at £25,000 plus around £8,000 for installation. So £33,000 is no bargain. However if you can get together with a five of your neighbours, £6,600 each, now it starts to stack up as a viable renewable power option.

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