07 August 2007

Skystream wind generator

We recently came across this residential wind generator, the Skystream 3.7. The skystream takes the usual selection of wind power products to a new level. It looks good, has noise levels well below a lot of the others and has the controls and inverter built in, rather than being separate bits of equipment.

There is a lot of talk about the benefits of PV solar panels for residential renewable energy, but very little about wind power. In our opinion, wind power represents a better return on investment compared to PV panels. The equivalent generation capacity in wind can be up to 50% less expensive than PV panels. As long as you have got the space and reliability of wind that is.

To balance out seasonal fluctuations, a hybrid system of wind and PV panels is the way to go.

The Skystream isn't available in Australia until late 2007.


Joshua Janes said...

Hey I'm putting one of those in at my house right now... I wrote about it at http://www.joshuajanes.com

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