21 August 2007

Who on earth cares?

The Australian Conservation Foundation has just announced its latest initiative, who on earth cares, with their star recruit being Cate Blanchett. Who on earth cares is about making a public announcement and commitment to reduce your environmental impact via a voluntary online registration system.

The websites home page has a cool graphic of Australia showing where all the 'caring' people are, a running tab of the number of people who care as well as an assessment of how many cars this equates to being taken off the road.

Cate's commitments are:
  • Switch my household power supply to accredited GreenPower
  • Install a water efficient shower head
  • Set my washing machine to wash my clothes in cold water
  • Check and install adequate roof insulation
  • Avoid one domestic air flight this year and purchase carbon offsets
  • Drive 20 kilometres less each week
  • Reduce my household electricity and gas usage by 20%
  • Install a solar hot water heater
Although one might look at these and think 'so what, these are no big deal', the truth is that plenty of people aren't even making efforts as simple and easy these.

So anyone with a profile who wants to stand up and take a lead, bring it on we say.

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