30 September 2007

DeMaria Design - Redondo Beach House

The Redondo Beach House is a project by DeMaria Design Associates in California. The house utilises shipping containers as the basic construction system for the house, mixing in conventional stick frame construction and prefabricated assemblies.

This mix of materials and methodologies results in a house that is affordable and nearly indestructible. The modified containers are mold proof, fire proof, termite proof, structurally superior to timber framing and along with the other “components” come together to create a system/kit of parts that is cost affective, achieves construction time savings, and is energy/environmentally conscious.

70% of the house was built in a factory environment and brought to site to be "assembled". This can help to ensure that quality control is kept to a high standard.

With the quantities of unloved shipping containers cluttering up all of our docks, they are the ideal module for building. just like LEGO for adults!

DeMaria Design are also involved in a new residential housing system called Packaged Architecture which they will be launching through Logical Homes.

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