16 September 2007

Green Plumbers helping consumers go green

The Green Plumbers initiative was created by the Master Plumbers association as a series of workshops designed to enhance plumbers skills and knowledge about the environmental considerations of their work.

These training opportunities place plumbers in a better position to advise and inform consumers on topics such as: the benefits of energy efficiency; water conservation or the most appropriate and cost effective appliances to suit individual needs.

Green Plumbers should be able to provide their customers with up to date information and advise on:
  • latest technology and energy saving appliances
  • practical appliances & installation knowledge
  • environmental impacts of plumbing services, appliances and household practices
  • consumer information
  • energy/water/cost savings (short term and long term cost comparisons and environmental benefits)
To date there has been more than 5,000 plumbers who have completed the courses nationally, so look out for the Green Plumbers logo when getting plumbing work done.

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