04 November 2007

Solar in a box

One of the major detractors for people wanting to install solar power on their homes is the difficulties and complexities associated with system design, what equipment is necessary and how to go about it. For solar power to move further into the mainstream it has to become convenient and easy for people to buy, just like walking into a shop and buying a new TV.

Ready Solar in the US may have the answer. Solar in a box is a "ready to install" complete package for a standardized 1kW system designed to bring solar energy to as many households across America as possible.

Ready Solar sees the advantages of a packaged solar system being lower installation cost, fast delivery (it is pre-designed product ready to ship to your home) and reliability (it is a pre-tested system that has been replicated many times without the unknowns of a custom solar solution).

We think this is a great way to bring solar power generation to the masses and are looking for an Australian company to follow the same lead.


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