17 February 2008

Cleaning up your collected rainwater

Anyone who is recycling their rainwater for use in their washing machines and toilets will be aware of the problems that can occur when the harvested rainwater contains sediment or is coloured with tanin from leaves. Your whites are no longer white when washed and your toilet bowl stains.
Re-using harvested rainwater in such ways has to be commended, but we sympathise with anyone who has encountered the problem. Simply because you have decided to live a more sustainable life shouldn't mean compromising.

So what is the solution?. Install a filter between your water tank and the appliances and fixtures. Companies such as Rain Harvesting have simple and easy to use filter systems that remove sediment, colour and odour from the water.

For consumers to want to 'buy' into living more sustainably, it can't compromise their life and has to be easy and convenient. Products such as these help people to do things the way they always have, whilst the sustainability just goes on in the back ground.

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