21 July 2008

Recycling grey water - putting it to good use

Up until now, anyone wanting to recycle grey water has generally been forced to redirect the water underground in irrigation systems because of archaic local health regulations. This forces us to continually water gardens when we have a shower, whether we want to or not.

Although technically the water is being recycled, sending it underground without another option is hardly a good use for Australia's most precious resource. What everyone recycling grey water has wanted is to be able to re-use the water again, above the ground.

Enter the people at Nubian Water Systems and their OASIS GT600 (sounds like a sports car). The OASIS is a fairly compact piece of equipment that stores the incoming grey water, filters and treats it and then stores the treated water again for later re-use. The real beauty of the product is that it treats the water to a standard that is acceptable for most Australian States to allow it's use above ground ie, it can be re-directed to toilet flushing or other non potable water uses.

The OASIS uses a three stage process to ensure that the water is treated to the required standard. The first stage is a filter screen that removes lint and other course materials, the second is a filter media that utilises physical removal, adsorption and microbial induced aerobic degradation to remove contaminants and the final stage is UV disinfection.

The unit is smaller enough to mount beside your house, requires very little maintenance and very little power to run.

This is a piece of equipment well worth checking out.


GJOESQ said...
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GJOESQ said...

This Oasis System looks great.

I'd like to be able to use potable rainwater as the main source of all our water needs, backed up by mains water, AND the Oasis system as well.

Can that be done? How much will it cost?

Darryn Parkinson & Sharon Hamilton said...

Yes, you can have a system that uses rainwater for your potable water and the OASIS system to recycle your grey water.

Cost depends on many parameters such as size of system, location, size of house etc.

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