08 December 2008

your abode starts new sustainable house construction in Sydney

Here is an image of our new sustainable house project in Collaroy, Sydney which we will commence building in early 2009. Green building is what we are about and this house typifies everything about our approach to sustainable houses.
The house will be very eco-friendly both in its design and construction. Water and energy consumption for the house will be very low due to the house:
  1. being totally self sufficient for potable water. All water for drinking, cooking and showering will be collected on site and stored in rainwater tanks for re-use in the house
  2. all grey water from showers, hand basins and the washing machine will be recycled through a grey water treatment system and re-used for flushing toilets and washing clothes in the washing machine.
  3. not having any air conditioning because of the excellent breeze ways that provide for summer cooling
  4. having high thermal mass in both the walls and exposed concrete slab for winter warming and summer cooling
  5. using an in slab gas hydronic heating system for winter heating
  6. using low-e thermal glass in all of the windows to reduce heat loss in winter and prevent heat gain in summer
  7. having good eaves and sun shading to keep it cool in summer
  8. being designed with good orientation and zoning of rooms
But we haven't only considered water and energy efficiency. Occupant comfort and materials sustainability are also high priority:
  1. all internal paints and cabinetry will use low VOC products.
  2. recycled Australian Hardwood will be used for the stair construction and for the skirting board and architraves around windows and doors
  3. any waste created during construction will be separated into differing materials and recycled

This is a very exciting project for both us and our clients and we will post progress photos and updates as we move through construction.


Anonymous said...

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Deborah said...

nice, simple, easy to follow model of builing a self-sufficient green residence. another good website for green happenings around Baltimore is www.goforchange.com

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