22 February 2007

FLOR modular carpet tiles

FLOR is a new take on selecting and using carpet tiles in your home. The whole concept enables you to design, mix and match and order carpet tiles online for either a whole room or a feature "rug" in your living room.

Traditionally using carpet tiles has been a case of purchasing full boxes worth of the same product and design, which limits the opportunities for people who only want to create a small "rug", say 2.0m x 2.0m from being as creative as they would like. FLOR is designed to appeal to the DIY market tiles can be selected and mixed and matched from the various ranges available to create designed only limited by your imagination.

Installation is simple with double sided sticky dots which enable you to move or change the pattern as your mood takes you.

The environmental credentials of the product are a little questionable, most of the face constructions contain nylon and the backing contains "some" recycled materials. However the product claims to have the lowest VOC in the industry. We also see the "rugs" having a longer life than the usual carpet tiles, moving from apartment to apartment with you as you move.

The big thing we see with this product is the innovative way you can design and order your own design and then install them yourself.