22 February 2007

Forbo - Marmoleum Dutch design

Forbo, Europe's leader in the manufacture of Marmoleum flooring, has released a range of new designs from 12 of the leading Dutch designers. Designers including Marcel Wanders (above) and Piet Hein Eek were granted complete artistic freedom. Each of their inspirations was very personal, a favourite colour, a shade with a great future or a colour missing from the current ranges. The result is 12 unique colourings and designs, each telling their own story.
The environmental credentials of Marmoleum are clear, a totally natural product made from Linseed oil from specially cultivated Canadian flax, wood flour from European trees, resin tapped from Portuguese pine trees, jute from India and Bangladesh and very finely ground limestone. Once installed, Marmoleum is hygienic and anti-static, as well as being fully biodegradable after 25 to 40 years’ use.
Marmoleum is also a great product to maintain dust-free house in order to help asthma sufferers as well as reduce the incidence of asthma. Laboratory studies have shown Marmoleum to be both anti-static and bacteriostatic: micro-organisms do not thrive easily on it, which makes the floor naturally hygienic.