09 March 2007

Urban rain water storage

Storing harvested rainwater in urban environments is a constant problem due to the lack of space available for siting the storage tanks.

Three products available on the market seek to solve that problem with innovative approaches to making use of the "dead" space around someones house.


The Rain Reviva is a collapsible bladder system designed to be retro fitted under houses or outdoor decking areas. The tanks are available in sizes ranging from 2650 litres up to 6850 litres and can be configured together to create even larger solutions.

WATERHOG Waterhog is a 100% recyclable polyethylene modular storage tank. Designed to fit inside the cavities of a house, ie the floor, they provide a real solution to seriously space restricted sites. Each tank is 180 litres and they can be configured together to create a larger overall tank size.


The Waterwall brings a funky angle to the situation where you are unable to hide your rainwater storage tank. Designed with maximum capacity and minimum footprint in mind, the Waterwall will liven up whatever corner of your yard you choose to install them. Available in capacities from 1200 litres up to 2400 litres, the tanks are made from 100% recyclable polyethylene.