06 March 2007

Wattyl i.d - Low VOC paints

Possibly the greatest new painting product for years is Wattyl i.d. Wattyl i.d is the first paint available in Australia which leaves no paint odours. After painting in a ventilated room, the odours are gone after one hour.

Wattyl achieves this through a reduction in the amount of airborne chemicals which result from painting. The paint is 99.7% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free. VOC's are one of the main causes of paint odours and contributers to air pollution, both indoors and in the atmosphere.

Ammonia is traditionally used in water based paints, causing them to smell in the can and during application. Wattyl i.d has such a low level of ammonia that there is no ammonia odour, and no vapour to sting the eyes and nose.