22 April 2007

Aqua reviva grey water treatment system

New Water, the people who brought us the rain reviva have now brought out the aqua reviva, a grey water recycling system.

The aqua reviva is a greywater recycling system which treats grey water up to Class A standard rendering it suitable for re-use on the garden including on vegetables, in the washing machine or for flushing toilets.

The system is a process in three parts, a collection cell for the grey water, a treatment cell which treats the grey water and a holding cell which stores the treated water.

The treatment cell which does all of the recycling, contains cartridges which allow the biological treatment process to take place. Aqua revivas website has a great animation that demonstrates how the system operates.

The aqua reviva is a neat a and tidy unit that is far less intrusive that other systems on the market.