10 July 2007

Toma House modular buildings

TomaTech are the manufacturers of a range of prefab houses and buildings called The TomaHouse. TomaTech seems to be based in Indonesia and Spain. Their main business angle for their products to date is in tourism resorts. However they have a range of modern house designs which can be purchased in kit form online.

The TomaHouses are made from an easily erected aluminium framing system. Nothing more than simple hand tools is required to bolt the whole system together. Their site claims that a couple of men can built one of the house framing systems in a couple of days. Due to the inherent light weight of the structures, the foundation support consists of nothing more than screw piles.

The system is well thought out and utilises a plug and play style of connection for electrical wiring between modules. The first house shown above, known as the Bauhaus 2 is available as displayed for 310,000 euros.

Although it is hard to argue that virgin aluminum is a green material due to the energy required in its manufacture, a light weight and easy to erect structure such as the TomaHouse will require minimal foundation disturbance and consequently reduce their impact of the immediate environment.

via equitygreen

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