07 July 2007

The Wall House in Santiago de Chile

In the wall house, Frohn & Rojas Architects in Santiago de Chile have created a fantastic example of how to interact with the outdoor environment through the creative use of materials.

The house has several 'layers' of skin, each reducing in substance as one moves towards the outside of the house and interacts with the outdoors. The architects have described these layers working outwards as the 'concrete cave, stacked shelving, the milky shell and the soft skin'.

What we love about it is that it is breaking down the formality of a house and making it more akin to camping. It is the sort of house that would go someway towards reconnecting humans to where we belong, in the natural environment and away from where we don't belong, in a heavily built up environment.

The external 'skin' also allows wonderful filtered light into the house and externally cuts a cool geometric shape.

via dezeen

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John Commoner said...

Oh wow - I love it! What a cool house.