27 August 2007

Alowood - the future of hardwood?

Alowood is FSC certified plantation timber that is treated with an agriculturally grown product called Everdex, which is vacuum and pressure injected into the timber.

The Everdex is then thermally cured in the timber, permanently bonding to the cells of the timber.

The result is Alowood, what they call an entirely new wood, capable of surpassing other medium- to high-density hardwoods for durability, strength.

It is available in a range of colours and styles as shown below.

We are normally fairly sceptical about products like these and their claims of being good for the environment. However, with Alowood, the manufacturers seem to have done their homework, the product is FSC sourced, is Greenguard certified and is formaldehyde free.

Maybe there is a possibility for everyone to have their exotic hardwood without the guilt.

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