10 September 2007

cradle to cradle design

We have both just finished reading Architect William McDonoughs & Chemist Michael Braungarts fantastic book, cradle to cradle.

The book has been internationally released for a few years but it only JUST starting to get noticed in design circles in Australia.

Where to start...this book should be a must read for all students of design and architecture, it should become a course book.

The basis of McDonoughs and Braungarts argument is that we require a new industrial revolution, one that gives back to nature, not just takes, one that does not design products with a 'cradle to grave' mentality but a 'cradle to cradle' attitude. All products and materials should be able to either be recycled or upcycled forever, and if we have waste, it should give back to nature as a nutrient not as a pollutant.

And it is not just talk, McDonough and Braungart have created a company called McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) who are working with clients such as Ford, BP and Herman Miller, whose Celle chair is a direct result of their partnership. The Celle chair has 33% recycled content and is 99% recyclable.

Bring on the revolution we say!

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